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  • A mixture of 70% garden soil and 30% peat, or a soil based potting compost is advised for seed sowing; compost must be moist before sowing. We do not recommend soaking or chipping our seed.
  • Sow 2 seeds per 3” pot
  • October is the best time to sow. Once the seedlings are through, they should be put in a cold-frame to over-winter. Leave frame open day and night and only cover in frosts.
  • Use mouse-traps and slug pellets to prevent pest damage.
  • Don’t allow pots to dry out.
  • Prepare ground in the Autumn.
  • Don’t over manure; a good handful of general purpose fertiliser per square yard is adequate.
  • Plant out from early March.
  • Tap out pot, drop 2 plants 12” apart
  • Grow in double rows 18” apart, up a cane cordon fashion.
  • Garden decoration plants can be supported with net wire in any frame.
  • In dry weather, give a good soak once a week.
  • Feed with high potash fertiliser once a week onto soil when buds appear.